Saturn Returns

I have almost a year and a half until I reach the big 3-0. Call it past quarterlife-before-mid-life crisis, but there's a sense of panic in me in realizing I've been stuck in a rut for the past, well, let's just say, for quite some time now. My panic mode has been hitting it off like a pendulum. More so erratic nowadays, with ideas churning but dismissed easily like paper in Barney's shredder from SkyMall.

A friend did point out that there is such an explanation for this situation (I wouldn't call it phenomenon) -- Saturn Return.

"Many of us approach our thirtieth birthdays with anxiety, even dread. We start looking for gray hairs and paying attention to ads for wrinkle creams. We question whether we are climbing the career ladder quickly enough. We hear the biological clock ticking loudly and worry that soon we will be too old to bear children."   

I could've stopped reading there.  Curious ? Read on further and understand why you should settle whatever it is you have to settle NOW than wait til it comes back to haunt you when you're 58 (and we thought it'd stop at menopause).

Saturn Return: The Twenty-Ninth Year By Skye Alexander

Walk the talk ...

Growing up in the '90s meant the transition for love of the penny loafer, to mocassins to Doc Marten's. I was always fascinated with mocassins so imagine my delight when I saw these shoes by Tory Burch- the Alexandra Mocassin.
I know, I know, mommy much? Plus it being suede does not help (I do not have the patience to clean, plus hello humidity)! On the other hand, if my Chloe ever decides to chew on this, it won't have those bad teeth marks and screwed up leather surfaceto deal with ! But somehow, I got intrigued and could picture myself during the weekends wearing a pique shirt, shorts and these, sans the baduyness of scrunched socks circa 5th grade.

Tory Burch Greenbelt 5, please open na. Not that I'm gonna buy anything soon from you, but so I can fit and wait for online sales and have a friend bring it home for me!!! :)


Can you read it?

All you can eat dimsum,
plus unlimited servings of soup, rice, noodels, congee and dessert accompany your chosen main course.
Dimsum Plus is available for lunch from Monday to Saturdays (except holidays), for only Php810* per person.
For reservations please call 840-0884.

Makati Shangri-la, Shang Palace!

I am excited for this and will definitely go give it a try!

bed and bath

While vacationing in the US last summer, when my cousins would ask me where I'd like to go, I'd quip " TARGET!" and they would find it really funny.

I love TARGET! Actually, any form of shopping, even something as mundane as a trip to the grocery I consider as retail therapy.

I really love the product selection here and probably went to Target at least 5 times to get my stash- mga grocery talaga like shampoo, make up, hair spray, lotion! 

A friend of mine is going home from the US and I'm asking him to get me some of my most wanted (Aveeno lotion, Kirkland vitamins, big ass bottle of Caltrate with Vitamin D , etc) I went to Target's online store and found these really cute shower curtains:
Cute flip-flops ! 
Updated paisley prints
The more sophisticated vampy zebra stripes

doodly circles
All of them for less that US$30!  Seeing these lovely shower curtains make me want to have my own place, or  wish for a bigger bathroom...or get one while I wait for both to happen!

in search of the black bag...

I'm looking for a timeless, sturdy nice black bag. I have the interlocking g's in mind but
will need to wait for funding (my birthday is coming up!) *snicker*

While checking my email, I browsed through's collection of Prada bags:

Priced at SGD $1136.82 (I'm too tamad to convert, I don' t know how my settings ended up in SGD instead of USD)

Doesn't this bag look oh so familiar?

I like this, but I hope they had it in black instead!

Soft Calfskin Satchel

SGD $1136.82

This completely bowled me over :

The Prada Visone Hobo priced at SGD $7404.31
Are you freakin kidding me? !  It's made out of mink.. looks like a dead animal to me!

totally mixed feelings

I'm having mixed feelings about the latest LV tote- TOTALLY.
It reminds me of a diaper bag. I can probably use this at Eastwood or Serendra to lug my stuff with Chloe's around... if only the benefactor is willing to sponsor.. LOL!

photo from:

Can somebody identify what size she's carrying? I have a feeling it's an MM.  If only I were 5 inches taller...
I'm still waiting for them to release the Neverfull in Damier Azure.. would they?  I used to be apprehensive about Damier Azure, how the patina would stain in time in contrast to the white and gray checks..but saw some people toting an "aging" Damier Azure in NY a couple of weeks ago, and found it...charming.

Have you seen the Neverfull in CROC Leather?! 

LV Neverfull Croc MM
photo from:

For a whopping US$32,300, you can get yourself an Exotic Neverfull MM in Croc Leather.
Now,I'd like to know which crazy person would buy such, during these "hard times".

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I've always wanted a polaroid camera since I was a kid. I've never gotten around getting one though. There was some talk before that they were going to stop producing polaroid cameras. A friend of mine even had those mini polaroid thingies-- pics as big as neo-prints!

Thank you to the digital world, we can now convert whatever pics to polaroids! Here are some, taken during my trip last year to Cebu. I miss my crazy cousins !

Tippy's Despedida de Soltera
Under the Mactan BridgeChateau de Busay


First time I'm blogging on live journal. I created an account last year so that I could comment on my friends' blogs.
Now I'm thinking maybe I should start my own blog to keep account of the things I like (or dislike) and thoughts as of the moment.
I used to maintain a blog at blogspot but can't remember my password--plus, I swore to myself, if I'd be blogging, no more of that emo shit.
I'll leave that to my facebook status ! ha! 

Now, if I can only move my ass to get a copy of Adobe Photoshop, I'd be good.
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